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Prayer Requests (12/17/14)



Dear supporters & friends,

We would like to ask for your prayers this week as we prepare to move to Japan. We are moving out of our home next week and are packing our items to ship to Japan, to take by suitcase to Japan, and to purge what we are not taking. (We are traveling in the US at the end of December and much of January.) It’s a busy week! So we ask for your prayers for the following:

  1. important: for our visas and necessary documents to come through smoothly and quickly (in 3-4 weeks) so we can move to Japan (buy plane tickets, etc.).
  2. for wisdom, guidance, and strength as we pack and move, decide what to take with us and what not to take; that our shipped items would get to Japan soon and safely; the whole process will go smoothly.
  3. for physical health and strength.
  4. most of all, that we (all of us) would trust in the Lord in this process and to have  joyful, thankful hearts; that we would find comfort and peace in God.


THANK YOU so much for your prayers. We need them! Please let us know how we can pray for you.

With thanks,
YM & Damon

8 thoughts on “Prayer Requests (12/17/14)

  1. We’re here for you guys! Don’t hesitate to ask for anything.

  2. (Chad Farmer…for some reason anonymous…)

  3. Hi Damon,

    Are you close to full support? Sounds like life is getting exciting and crazy for you and the family.

    Your brother in Christ,



  4. Hey Y’all,

    Just want to let you know I’m praying for your requests this morning.

    It’s been a long road, and that shouldn’t be all bad. In fact, I hope that you can pause to see the Lord’s faithfulness throughout. I remember being in Tyler, TX when I spoke to you and heard about the change in plans that closed the doors to Cambodia.

    I’m praying for the things you can’t pack in bags, like the kids’ (and parents’) hearts to have opportunities to say goodbye well. Praying for family, both believers and non-believers to be comforted as you move to the other side of the planet. Praying for a continued support base to strongly support you, financially, prayerfully, and “encouraging-ly.” Finally, praying for your transition there and your transition to your team. Oh, and don’t forget to try and find somewhere sometime to rest, even if just a few minutes.

    Take care.

    Sincerely, Corey

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