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The Cha Family in Japan

The Things We Get Used To…


We’ve now been in Japan for a little over 3 months, and it’s amazing how quickly we’ve adapted to our new home in Japan. There are so many things at which we now don’t even bat an eye, but gawked at when we first got here, surprised and a little perplexed by the strange novelty inherent in moving to a new country and culture.

Here are a few things in Japan that are very different from what we experienced in America (please click on the first image to view as a slideshow):

These are only a few of the many things (more to come!). Each day, each week, we discover new things. But all this to say, the Lord has made us very adaptable. Like I said, it’s amazing how adaptable he made us. But more than that, we are able to adapt to new situations and environments because one thing remains constant: our good and loving God, in whose hands we always live and breathe.

Our worlds are constantly changing, kids grow up, new worries form, our health changes, tragedy may strike, hardships come, and more…but let’s take heart; we are in the Lord’s good hands. I hope the message of our loving and unchanging God bring you comfort, and also will bring comfort to the Japanese people.

Thanks for reading,

ym 🙂

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise! Thank you for your prayers!
    • Mikayla has been doing much better at school; she is adjusting better with no tears or anxiety. Thank you for your prayers for her.
    • Relationships – the Lord has provided a handful of wonderful Japanese ladies with whom YM can spend time, which has been a blessing.
    • Dissertation – Damon has made much progress on his dissertation, and he hopes to finish most of it by summer.
  • Aliya’s 1st grade: please pray for wisdom in deciding on where to send Aliya for 1st grade. The two options are: a) Japanese public school and b) Christian international school. Each has it’s own challenges and logistics, so we need much wisdom in the next few weeks to make a decision.
  • Relationships: please pray for more opportunities to get to know Japanese people and build relationships.
  • Godly parenting: please pray for wisdom and guidance in teaching and instilling in our girls a love for God, a God-centered worldview, in each situation, including in discipline. We need perseverance and strength to do this daily.
  • Homeschooling: Please also pray for YM as she restarts homeschooling the girls in English, a task that she finds very difficult! Please pray for patience, perseverance, and the ability to teach!!!

4 thoughts on “The Things We Get Used To…

  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing – I really miss Japan and so glad to see pictures of you guys doing so well there. Praying for the family and for the people of Japan.

  2. Thanks for giving us a slice of Nagoya life! The Japanese are into such details and this includes their manhole covers to their packaging of everything! May the people of Japan see our Creator through the life, death and resurrection of Christ! Blessings as you continue to learn Japanese! P.S. Love the pink rain boots! Our staff also saw Pastor James at Souplantation today.

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