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The Cha Family in Japan

Prayer Requests

We value your support in prayer (we need them!) and ask that you would consider regularly partnering with us in prayer. Prayer requests will be regularly posted. Please let us know how we can pray for you (please email us at damoncha@gmail.com).

Current Requests: (As of 5/2018)

  • Praise!
    • For Damon’s completion of his dissertation!
    • For Aliya’s improved situation at her elementary school!
    • For God’s faithful provision for our family.
    • For God’s continued work in Japan through Christ Bible Seminary, Japanese churches, and in personal relationships.
  • Church & Ministry: Wisdom for our future church ministry. Pray for Damon as he serves and teaches at CBS.
  • Aliya & Mikayla
    • Spiritual Well-Being: Please pray that our girls will grow in faith and trust in God, and remember that God is always with them and will take care of them.
    • Japanese Elementary School: Please pray for Aliya as she started 3rd grade in April. Pray that she will continue to find favor from teachers and classmates; improve her Japanese quickly; and be able to eat the school lunch daily. Please pray for Mikayla as she began 1st grade, that she can make good friends and gain fluency in Japanese!
    • English: Please pray that Aliya and Mikayla will become proficient in reading and writing and catch up to the right level.
  • Health: Please pray for good health for our family. Pray for Damon and his fatty liver condition. YM has been feeling fatigued lately.
  • Language: Please pray that we will continue to persevere in learning Japanese.
  • Increased Faith in God: Please pray for increased faith to depend on God in all things, to remember the gospel throughout the day, for diligence and depth in prayer and in the study of God’s word, for opportunities to encourage those around us in faith. Please pray for humility and serving hearts. Pray for our girls, that we would instill faith in them and raise them in godly ways.
  • Marriage: Please pray for growth and protection of our marriage.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Been thinking and praying for you guys more lately! Thanks for the posts YM! So encouraging!

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