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The Cha Family in Japan

Prayer Requests

We value your support in prayer (we need them!) and ask that you would consider regularly partnering with us in prayer. Prayer requests will be regularly posted. Please let us know how we can pray for you (please email us at damoncha@gmail.com).

Current Requests: (As of 8/2020)

  • Praise!
    • For continued safety during the pandemic.
    • For Damon’s seminary class ending smoothly in March.
    • Mikayla turns 9 on September 2!
    • For God’s continued work in Japan through Christ Bible Seminary, Japanese churches, and in personal relationships.
  • Church & Ministry
    • Christ Bible Seminary: Please pray for continued wisdom in teaching for Damon. Please pray for the students to be equipped for their ministries. Pray for increased enrollment at the seminary and for improved recruitment efforts.
    • Damon’s weekly Bible Study: Please pray that they will deepen their understanding and love for God through this time.
    • Language: Damon will re-start formal language training this fall. Pray for continued diligence and growth in language ability.
    • YM’s study groups: Please pray for diligence in preparing study materials, for compassion and love for the women in each group, and for wisdom on how best to minister to them.
    • YM also meets regularly with Japanese friends to build relationships; please pray for more opportunities for YM to meet new women and for new studies.
    Aliya & Mikayla
    • Please pray for continued close friendships at school, for good relationships with their teachers, and for increased Japanese ability to learn and thrive at school.
    • Pray for their weekly English tutoring and for them to reach US grade-level proficiency.
    • Aliya and middle school: we are considering sending Aliya to a Japanese-run international school starting in middle school. This school has an IB program in high school which teaches most courses in English and would enable Aliya to go to the US for college if she chooses. She has begun preparing for the entrance exam which she will take in 6th grade.
  • Spiritual Well-being – pray for each of us to be grounded in the gospel of Christ, dependent on God, and mindful of him throughout each day.
  • Marriage – pray for unity, growth in, and protection of our marriage.
  • Parenting – pray for wisdom and guidance in raising our girls to love and depend on Jesus.
  • Financial Need – we are in need of additional financial support. Pray that the Lord will provide the necessary funds through various supporters, and for us to trust in his good provision.
  • Health – for good health for the family. Specifically for YM who struggles with insomnia. And for Damon’s overall health.
  • Continued Japanese acquisition – learning Japanese will be a life-long journey for us, but pray for perseverance and continued notable growth in our Japanese ability.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Been thinking and praying for you guys more lately! Thanks for the posts YM! So encouraging!

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