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The Cha Family in Japan

Prayer Requests

We value your support in prayer (we need them!) and ask that you would consider regularly partnering with us in prayer. Prayer requests will be regularly posted. Please let us know how we can pray for you (please email us at damoncha@gmail.com).

Current Requests: (As of 2/2020)

  • Praise!
    • For Damon’s teaching Pentateuch in the fall.
    • For new Bible study opportunities for YM since the fall.
    • For the blessing of friendships for the girls.
    • For God’s continued work in Japan through Christ Bible Seminary, Japanese churches, and in personal relationships.
  • Church & Ministry:
    • Christ Bible Seminary (CBS)- Damon is currently teaching Wisdom during the winter term. Please pray for Damon as he prepares for these classes.
    • Bible studies and ministry to women: YM has been involved with four Bible study groups, three of them in Japanese. Please pray that these women will grow in their knowledge of God. Pray also for YM as she prepares the studies.
    • In addition, YM has been ministering to a young lady with spiritual difficulties. Please pray for this lady’s continued growth in the Lord.
  • Aliya & Mikayla
    • Spiritual Well-Being: Please pray that our girls will grow in faith and trust in God, and remember that God is always with them and will take care of them.
    • Japanese Elementary School: Aliya and Mikayla have enjoyed school. We have been grateful for their teachers this year. They also have enjoyed friendships with their classmates.
    • We are especially thankful that Aliya has been playing more with the girls in her class after school. Pray for continued good friendships.
    • Mikayla had to say bye to her BFF who moved to Tokyo during winter break.  And at the end of this school year in March, she will need to say bye to another close friend who will move away. Pray for her heart and healing; and for new close friendships with other girls in her class.
    • Please continue to pray with us for growth in their studies in Japanese. The girls work hard to keep up Japanese and English, and at times they are worn out. Pray for perseverance during this season.
    • English: Please pray that Aliya and Mikayla will become proficient in reading and writing and catch up to the right level.
  • Spiritual Well-being – pray for each of us to be grounded in the gospel of Christ, dependent on God, and mindful of him throughout each day.
  • Marriage – pray for unity, growth in, and protection of our marriage.
  • Parenting – pray for wisdom and guidance in raising our girls to love and depend on Jesus.
  • Financial Need – we are in need of additional financial support. Pray that the Lord will provide the necessary funds through various supporters, and for us to trust in his good provision.
  • Girls’ English Education – pray that the girls will soon catch up in their English ability to be at grade level. Pray for the continued provision of a tutor(s).
  • Health – for good health for the family. Specifically for YM who struggles with insomnia. And for Damon’s overall health.
  • Continued Japanese acquisition – learning Japanese will be a life-long journey for us, but pray for perseverance and continued notable growth in our Japanese ability.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Been thinking and praying for you guys more lately! Thanks for the posts YM! So encouraging!

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